Comfort, atmosphere and a wealth of possibilities

We want there to be room for guests of all kinds – and there is. The setting itself encourages diversity.

And there’s plenty of opportunity for work, rest or play.

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Your Safety - our Handling of Guest Safety

INFOMATION in light of coronavirus. We look after you and each other

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We guarantee the same room rate when booking directly to the hotel as offered on, and other online booking portals.


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Propel’Away OPEN - tel. 2633 8133
Restaurant - CLOSED until 29 Feb.
Rooms - OPEN
We answer mail and telephone.

Tilmeld nyhedsbrev

Fra oktober har du mulighed for at tilmelde dig vores nyhedsbrev, hvor vi løbende udsender nyheder, tilbud m.m. Hvis du ønsker at modtage dette, så send en mail til med teksten:

“Ja tak, jeg vil gerne modtage jeres nyhedsbrev”