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Hotel Propellen has become what it is today thanks to the people who work here 
It are our staffs who ensure that guests enjoy a memorable stay and unique experience. The future prosperity of the hotel therefore depends on our staff!

About 50 people work at the hotel altogether, grouped in the following departments: reception, conference, restaurant, kitchen, cleaning, maintenance, administration and management.

Thanks to our limited numbers, we all know each other extremely well. And togetherness and teamwork across professional divides is something we value highly at Hotel Propellen.

Via workshops, cross-disciplinary meetings and fantastic social events, we purposefully wish to maintain the positive interaction between all our departments.

Everyone is equally important in relation to our objective of providing guests with top-class and professional personal service. All work functions are also equally important, and we are all dependent on everyone doing their absolute best.

The atmosphere is positive and helpful. We respect the importance of each other’s tasks and do everything we can to listen to our colleagues’ needs and suggestions for improvements. This helps maintain a very positive work environment.

The hotel and restaurant sector is often considered a harsh workplace. In this respect, however, we pride ourselves in having a very different reputation. Perhaps it is our size that allows us to maintain a free and easy atmosphere. But no matter the reason, it is an indisputable fact that there is a very positive relationship between members of staff.

Our management is very special!
It’s one thing that their doors are always open if experiences, ideas or personal challenges require a sympathetic ear. It’s quite another that management is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed, helping out with everything from table setting and serving to cleaning rooms and clearing snow. This underlines the overall philosophy that everyone is equally important – and that all work functions are equally vital.
Last year, management introduced an exercise programme for all members of staff.

By participating in at least one of the three weekly fitness classes, we receive an extra hour off each week. An hour off for an hour’s exercise, in other words. So we can take an extra day off whenever we have accumulated eight hours.

Management participate each and every time. They have to – they’re the instructors for the three fitness classes!

The type of exercise varies, including among other things power walking, running, aerobics, fitness training, swimming, badminton, table tennis, tennis and roller skating. A wide range of physical activities
are thus on offer, ensuring that there is always something for everyone.

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