A Sustainable World

Whether home or away, it will require all of us to make a contribution if we are to help produce results and progress towards a sustainable world by 2030. We are proud to make an extra effort here at Hotel Propellen. We are therefore working according to the UN’s 17 Global Sustainability Goals.
The fight to make our world a better place will require efforts from big organisations like governments and global organisations, and from smaller local companies like ourselves.

Which of the global goals is Hotel Propellen focusing on?

At Hotel Propellen we have decided to specifically focus on six of the 17 global goals, because these involve areas where we can make a difference every day.


Global Goal no. 3
We serve healthy and balanced food to our staff every day.
Our company’s social and nurturing culture focuses on the well-being and healthy work/life balance of each of our employees.
We have also produced a policy on offensive conduct at the workplace.


Global Goal no. 4
We are members of FGU for the Triangle Region of Denmark which, in partnership with municipalities, the business community and other organisations, has an important role to play by helping young people who need to find alternative paths towards training, education and jobs.
We work with vocational training for the most vulnerable members of society in the form of our qualified workplace training of refugees and the inclusion of citizens with health issues.


Global Goal no. 6
We only use kind, environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning, and limit the amounts used through optimised dosage systems, aiming to improve the quality of our water, for everyone.
We encourage our guests to reuse towels out of environmental considerations.


Global Goal no. 7
We are continually energy-optimising our buildings. Windows are replaced on an ongoing basis and attic cavities are being reinsulated.
We support the transition from fossil-powered vehicles to electricity and therefore offer electric vehicle recharging at our car park. Much of our energy consumption is also purchased as green energy.


Global Goal no. 12
We sort our waste and send furniture etc. for recycling when we embark on renovation projects.
We focus on our power consumption for processes and rooms. All light sources have also been replaced with energy-friendly units. Central heating control systems have been installed in all restaurants and conference rooms, to ensure that consumption is optimised to the best possible extent.


Global Goal no. 13
We are working towards reducing our overall CO2 emissions. One way we are doing this is by combining our orders into as few deliveries as possible. Another way is by upgrading our building’s climate shell.

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