Our Wine Cellar

Looking for even more luxury?

Our gourmet menu offers just that – exceptional ingredients, at a slightly higher price. The menu is changed at least every second month, allowing it to be adapted to prime seasonal ingredients.

The wine cellar offers a unique opportunity to enjoy fine wine and food. The wine cellar is recommended for wine tasting events or for small groups of 12-14 people who wish to enjoy a very special experience.
The wine cellar is our most recently refurnished room. The aim was to create a cellar-like atmosphere, with arched ceilings, rustic materials and a wealth of fine wines.

The flooring originates from a century-old farmhouse on the Danish island of Funen, from where it was removed and cleaned before being re-placed here. Heavy wooden furniture and imposing candelabra add to the atmosphere – along with exquisite wines in abundance of course.
Our waiters are always delighted to describe the wines on our list of
“treasures”. And there is certainly something to suit the tastes of any
connoisseur looking for a wine experience out of the ordinary.
Because of the wines, the room is usually kept constantly cool,
but the temperature is raised when guests are present.

The wine cellar must be booked in advance.

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